Client Services


The challenges facing a life science venture are great.  Talent is needed to ensure appropriate growth and that milestones are met.  From preclinical discovery to clinical trials and commercialization, your talent needs are constantly changing.  Med Search Network has recognized this fact and has developed multiple tools to enable your growth needs.  There is an advantage to mixing permanent hire strategies with interim talent placements and consulting projects.  We are here to address all your sourcing needs with three innovative options.


Executive Search

With over 400 affiliate offices nationwide and extensive technological efficiencies, we are able to produce qualified candidates for your human resource needs quickly and efficiently. Both retained and contingency options are possible depending on your companies needs.
The types of roles we are able to provide qualified candidates include:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Medical Director
  • VP, R&D, Clinical, and Regulatory Affairs
  • Director Level (Clinical, Chemistry, Biologics, Manufacturing, Regulatory, QA)
  • Manager or Senior Scientist (Chemistry & Biologics)


Consultant Consortium

We maintain a talent pool of available consultants for your immediate consulting needs. Consultants are typically over qualified for most of your permanent hire needs, but can provide appropriate and extensive expertise at a critical time in your company’s cycle. Consulting assignments can be as short as several weeks and as long as several months depending on your needs. We are able to provide you the expertise you need when you need it.

Consortium Expertise:

  • Venture Capital & Financing Finding
  • Strategic Planning & Organizational Development
  • Business Development/Licensing
  • R&D Strategy
  • Clinical Operations & Regulatory Affairs
  • Manufacturing and Discovery Strategy


Interim Executives

The Interim Executive option differs from the consulting consortium option since the Interim Executive becomes an integral member of your organization. Where consultants are often brought on for ad hoc, short term projects Interim Executives are brought on to navigate critical transition periods such as mergers & acquisitions, restructuring, preparation for an IPO, product launches, bankruptcy, and start-up phase.
Interim Executives have extensive industry experience. Many choose to work on an interim basis or are in transition themselves and relish the challenges of changing assignments.

Interim Executive Assignment Examples:

  • Develop strategy and secure venture capital or other financing
  • Provide focus and direction to a rapidly growing start-up
  • Fill the gap during personnel shifts
  • Transitional leadership
  • Manage complex/technical projects
  • Interim CEO, CMO, VP, Director


Interim Executive & Consultant Consortium Advantages:

  • Costs: Expand and contract with the cycles & needs of your business. Control the burn rate
  • Fresh Perspective: Outside executives can bring with them a fresh perspective and are unencumbered by organizational politics and constraints
  • Pinpoint Focus: Exact expertise can be plugged in as the skill sets are needed eliminating the need to maintain multiple experts on staff as costly permanent employees
  • Hire the Best: Only the best are able to survive as consultants in the Life Sciences industry. In most cases candidates in our consultant consortium would be over-qualified to join your staff as permanent hires
  • Quick Turn Around: Get the talent you need in place when you need it. We will know within a week whether we are able to meet your interim or consulting needs.